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5 Weird & Wonderful Wedding Tips

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

OK there are exactly 436 gazillion articles on the web with the usual Wedding Tips. I have compiled a short list of some of my favourite lesser-spotted-wedding-tips. One of my couples recently called this 'The Yoda List'.........

Tip 1: Snap It Before You Pack It

I use this tip when I am preparing for a Marathon abroad but it totally applies to Wedding couples packing before they travel to a hotel the night before a wedding. Lay out all your stuff then take a photo of everything before you pack it so you KNOW that it is there. When 'the fear' pays you a visit (just before you finally drift off to sleep) and tries to convince you that you only packed one shoe, take out the phone, check what you packed, and breathe again.

Irish Wedding Photography Stephen O'Sullivan

Tip 2: Practice Getting Dressed

Irish Wedding Photography Stephen O'Sullivan

Have a dress rehearsal. I don't mean a wedding rehearsal, I mean literally rehearse getting into your Wedding gear! Wedding clothing can be pretty complicated and on the morning of the Wedding you don't want the extra stress of having to go on YouTube to figure out how to lace the back of a dress or how to tie a tie. Don't expect your Bridesmaids or Groomsmen will know (although they may feel compelled to spend a lot of time trying). Have a practice run, iron out the wrinkles (apologies, pun intended) and have a smooth wedding morning.

Tip 3: Schedule Some Couple Time

Irish Wedding Photography Stephen O'Sullivan

I know this sounds bonkers given it is a day about you guys as a couple but hear me out. Your Wedding Day will zoom by in the blink of an eye, there will be many people eager to get time with one of both of you and before you know it the day is almost over and you have barely spoken two words to your new Husband / Wife. When you guys are planning the day book in a chunk of time for just to two of you. A very handy time for this is between the Ceremony and the Reception. You might be off with your Wedding Photographer for some photos and you can just take a walk together (heels permitting!). Feel free to blame the Photographer when your new Mother-in-law asks what kept you away from your guests.

Tip 4: Do the Books!

There will be gifts. This is a fact. Another fact is that if you don't take a few notes you won't have a clue who to thank for what. Rip everything open like a kid on Christmas Morning but just write a note with names and gifts. Trust me, nothing more awkward than somebody admiring an ornament in your home a few years down the road and you get that feeling that it might have been a gift from them!

Tip 5: Share the Day Plan

I assume you do not want to spend a large part of your day answering questions like 'What happens next?' or 'Where am I going now?' or 'Can you give me directions?'. The easiest way to get around this is to share your Wedding Day Plan with your Wedding Party (Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, immediate family, close friends etc). This doesn't need to be a five pager with 780 bullet points, just a headline summary of the flow of the day, and who needs to be where and when.

Irish Wedding Photography Stephen O'Sullivan

So there you go, hopefully that is helpful and interesting. Most of the tips above are designed to free you up from time stealers on the day which will allow you more time to enjoy it and the people present in it.

Tip 6: Extra Bonus Tip....

There is a sixth tip here which is to hire a wonderful Wedding Photographer such as myself who will not hog your time or attention on your Wedding Day (I couldn't resist!). If you like relaxed & modern Wedding Photography please get in touch here. No awkward nonsense, simply beautiful photos.

Irish Wedding Photography Stephen O'Sullivan

Stephen O'Sullivan is a documentary wedding photographer. It appears he talks about himself in the third person these days....... Apologies.... I am an award winning Wedding Photographer, specialising in relaxed & fun Wedding Photography. No awkward nonsense, no excessive posing, no hogging the couple on their big day. My style is natural Wedding Photography. I live in Killaloe and I serve Dublin, Kerry, Tipperary, Clare, Limerick, Waterford, Cork, Wexford, Wicklow, Galway and anywhere in between. I would love to hear from you, get in touch here, fill in some details and get a quote. No awkward nonsense, simply beautiful photos.

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