A Summer Wedding in 2020 - Who Saw That Coming?

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It took a while (August!) but there it was - A 2020 SUMMER WEDDING AT LAST!! I was like a kid on Christmas Eve as I packed up my gear and headed to Bray to capture the magic for a very lovely couple Maya and Michael.

Maya grew up in Brazil and Michael in Donegal but thankfully Maya brought the weather today. It. Was. Stunning. The ceremony was in The Royal Marine hotel in Bray, beautiful room, glorious natural light and a really lovely celebrant that quietly made sure everything went juuuuuust right.

Michael’s Mam sadly passed away this year but she was remembered and in all thoughts.

There is always a blissful moment, never the same in any wedding, when the couple are pronounced married. Maybe it is just me but it seems to catch people unaware, people are so wrapped up in the joy of the ceremony it is a bit like a collective hypnosis, broken by the Celebrant pronouncing the couple married. Smiles erupt and of course the couple share that first special kiss.

From Bray we all high tailed it to Dun Laoghaire for the reception in the stunning (on any day, but out of this World today with the sunshine) Haddington House. A gorgeous outdoor eating and drinking area overlooks the harbour, you’d easily convince yourself you are in Santa Margarita, especially after the crafty cocktails (not for me of course, never on duty!).

We took this chance to nip down to the Pier and take some photographs. Maya looked absolutely stunning in her elegant dress, turning heads and prompting well wishers at a rate of 10 per 100m.

Our first stop was the bandstand. Freshly painted (in fact, so freshly much so it was fenced off but love (and a cheeky photographer) finds a way.... I think you will agree the people, place and weather all played a blinder.

After a slightly awkward encounter with a Harbour Security guy (Michael impressively smooth talked our way out of a jam, I assume he is some class of horse whisperer in his day job) we had a bit of fun with the nice benches

What would a Summer’s day trip to Dun Laoghaire be without a Teddy's Ice Cream? It would be a shameful opportunity lost. The lady was as sweet as her delicious treats - the guys got theirs on the house! Thanks Teddy's! Today more than ever people everywhere were so happy to see a happy married couple,

Serendipity is a beautiful thing and it is a bit magic when it pops up on a Wedding Day. Maya has a beautiful Labrador in Brazil, identical to this one, named Luna (which means August, which is where we are). I asked this pup’s lovely human if we could take a few pics and she was happy to oblige (as was the pup!) so here is Maya with her doggie-stunt-double. This photo is tinged with a little bitter-sweet as Luna passed away the next day. It is lovely (and hugely serendipitous) that she was remembered at this moment.

Job done, a little rest, then a stroll back to Haddington House.

Beautiful food, good company and fantastic light! What more could anyone ask for.

So long Maya & Michael, congratulations from Stephen O'Sullivan Wedding Photography on your beautiful day and may there be many more in your long and happy life together!

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