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Clontarf Castle - A Christmas Fairytale

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Can you imagine arranging your wedding at one week's notice? Can you imagine if that week was the week of Christmas? Hats off to the lovely Lisa & Stephen who did exactly that. Originally scheduled for the following February but talk of impending Covid restrictions prompted the guys to bring their date forward so they could have their big day, the way they wanted it.

Lisa's preparations took place in her parents' home in Dublin. We had a bit of fun, plenty of natural light, some relaxed photographs, it was really lovely.

Hop, skip and a jump over to the magnificent Clontarf Castle (stunning castle Wedding venue) where Stephen awaited the Bride-to-Be. Perfect time for journalistic & natural Wedding Photography.

Always good to know you can rely on your family to take the mick out of you at every possible moment

But good things do come to he who waits....

The handshake, replaced by the elbow tap!

First kiss!

We had some great fun taking these quirky wedding photos, as you can see. Not your typical group photos! This gang was well up for a bit of craic.

The couple's kids were a big feature of this Wedding, and kids are so much fun to photograph!

I love these candid wedding photographs. So nice to see the couple enjoying themselves and the glow of the newlyweds.

Of course we did grab a few non-candid shots too.

Pre-meal debriefing and strategy chat with the CCMC, another little calm before the storm with all the guests already seated in the room adjacent.

Nice moment in the speeches - anyone for an embarrassing story?

There are no words but I laugh every time I see this photo. The reactions on the faces are just too good.

Hands up who is impressed by this fantastic cake? I know one guy that is....

I like to borrow the couple for a night-time wedding photo, especially in a venue like Clontarf Castle with its magnificent features. I spend a little time setting up the flashes and get the 'scene' ready (sometimes I will get an innocent bystander to stand in as a model, they are usually very obliging!). The couple then step on the spot and we take some quick shots and they are back to their guests before the arrival of the first goose-bump (even in the middle of December!).


Stephen O'Sullivan is a documentary wedding photographer. It appears he talks about himself in the third person these days....... Apologies.... I am an award winning Wedding Photographer, specialising in relaxed & fun Wedding Photography. No awkward nonsense, no excessive posing, no hogging the couple on their big day. My style is natural Wedding Photography. I live in Killaloe and I serve Dublin, Kerry, Tipperary, Clare, Limerick, Waterford, Cork, Wexford, Wicklow, Galway and anywhere in between. I would love to hear from you, get in touch here, fill in some details and get a quote. No awkward nonsense, simply beautiful photos.

I love my work, and you will too.


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