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Wedding Venue in Focus - Springfield Castle, Limerick

Looking for a Castle Wedding with all the opulence and history you could imagine?

Springfield Castle is the Wedding venue for you. Situated in the heart of Limerick this place has it all. A winding driveway (about 1km) draws the castle towards you, it is tucked amongst vast fields of wildflowers (the Summer buttercups are particularly vivid, a photographer’s dream!).

The first thing you will see is the front facade of the main house building, enrobed in old ivy and various flowering creepers, it looks gorgeous. The original castle keep sits to the side, some 90 feet tall. It is only when you approach the entrance that its towering majesty can be appreciated! By this stage you will probably be getting tired of saying ‘WOW’ but we are only getting started.

The keep has been restored by the current residents (Betty & Jonathan, sister and brother in-law respectively to the 9th Baron who resides in South Africa). They are an amazing couple who obviously love maintaining and restoring their charge. Like many folks who live in such buildings, they don many hats - from county Squire to haymaker to kitchen gardener to passionate historian. Always with an ingenuity and creative twist that keeps the fabric (and the spirit) of the estate alive and vibrant.

But I digress! Let’s dive further into this Limerick Wedding Venue. Within the main house there is an abundance of sights to behold, from majestic dining rooms to the lovely nooks and crannies and secret passageways.

Outside, the gardens of Springfield Castle are both gorgeous and productive. Much of the fruit and veg is grown on the grounds, and all the flowers are lovingly curated and cultivated here. So many backdrops for the wedding photos, we are spoilt for choice.

Anyone fancy an outdoor Jacuzzi? Sure why not!

The sleeping quarters in Springfield Castle are stunning, I know I mentioned opulence already but take a look at these bedrooms, fit for kings & queens.

The restored castle keep is very popular for the Wedding ceremonies, easy to see why. Lends itself well to some creative & quirky wedding photography.

Just imagine the wow factor as you breeze through these doors with your new spouse!


Stephen O'Sullivan is a documentary wedding photographer. It appears he talks about himself in the third person these days....... Apologies.... I am an award winning Wedding Photographer, specialising in relaxed & fun Wedding Photography. No awkward nonsense, no excessive posing, no hogging the couple on their big day. My style is natural Wedding Photography. I live in Killaloe and I serve Tipperary, Clare, Limerick, Waterford, Cork, Wexford, Wicklow, Galway, Dublin, Kerry and anywhere in between. I would love to hear from you, get in touch here, fill in some details and get a quote. No awkward nonsense, simply beautiful photos.

No awkward nonsense, simply beautiful photos.


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Gungfu G. Superme
Gungfu G. Superme
Sep 22, 2022

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